this is the website of jan turkenburg

dj on sheena's jungle room, wfmu

also previously known as 'splogman'
and 'meneer jan, docent muziek' (mister jan, music teacher)

known for in my spaceship and in hyperspace

more music:
* on soundcloud

* albums on netlabels/ archive.org:
=> 4 tributes to 365 days and 1 bonus (2005)
=> a fifth of splogman (2004)
=> splogman's sixth sense (2004)
=> packages to the moon (2007)
=> something with seven (2004-2009)
=> something eye ate (2009-2011)
=> mister j. says hello again (for kids, 2005-2011)
=> splogman for kids (1993-94)
=> jam session in belgium (1989)

* on spotify (a.o.)
as jan turkenburg (in my spacehip, all edits/mixes)
as jan turkenburg: in hyperspace
as meneer jan